hoto Credit: Marcin JOchimczyk

hoto Credit: Marcin JOchimczyk

Agata Szydłowska


Our Experience 

We have over 8 years of professional experience at Google in the field of people development & training programs design, delivery & management.

We are experts in global teams and projects management.  

We are both from the Millennial generation ourselves and therefore have a great understanding of the needs, strengths and weaknesses of our own group.  

We’ve already gained rich business and people management experience working across generations and leading diverse project teams.  

We've successfully launched a global workshop and coaching program as a support for employees returning to work after leaves. We're happy to share our detailed references upon request.

 We are certified professional coaches by Erickson College International, accredited by ICF.  

We are career mentors at Wrocław University of Economics for graduated students who want to design a successful career.

 hoto Credit: Marcin Jochimczyk

hoto Credit: Marcin Jochimczyk

Katarzyna Krupa